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LED Mirrors

LED mirrors have become very popular for a number of reasons. At Platinum Taps & Bathrooms we’re renowned for quality and style - and that doesn’t stop with our LED mirrors. If you need to furnish your entire bathroom then you could take a look at our shower baskets and towel ring rails to complete your look.

Lighting Design

We don’t just stock one type of LED mirror - our collection spans a whole range of various styles and designs. This includes the Hollywood style Galactic Designer Illuminated LED mirrors, the softer and futuristic Quasar mirrors, as well as a super stylish backlit Aurora Illuminated Mirror. So we can safely say LED mirrors aren’t just for modern bathrooms - if you want a classic or vintage style bathroom then you still can but the LED mirror would be a slight modern twist. So you have all the charm of a period bathroom with a few extra modern conveniences to boot.

Clear Sharp Image

Obviously mirrors are used so we can see our reflections when we’re getting ready in the morning, for a night out or just before bed. But LED mirrors project an even clearer image than usual - so it’s a great choice for those of you who use make up or want a close shave. Many of our illuminated mirrors are touch control so you can adjust the lighting to your preferred setting. There’s also a demister pad so the mirror always remains steam-free no matter how hot your shower or bath is!

Free Guarantee and Delivery

Whether you’re considering buying one of our shower baskets or towel ring rails all of our products come with a free five or ten year guarantee so you know you’re choosing high quality products. Orders over £500 are also eligible for free UK delivery, making your bathroom redesign easier, more affordable and less time consuming!