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Mirror Cabinets

Whether you need mirror cabinets to tidy away all the clutter in your bathroom or you just need a dedicated place where you can put on makeup or have a shave - our range is sure to stock the perfect mirror for your bathroom. Choose from led mirrors for extra light, cabinets for more storage and shelved mirrors for even more storage. If you still think you need more storage space then it’s worth checking out our shower baskets if you like keeping your shower gels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners all in one easy-reach place.

Light and Space

Every bathroom could always do with a bit more light and space - and you can achieve just that with our mirror cabinets. It’s a well known fact that mirror cabinets encourage more light flow and also offer the perception of more space - that’s no exception with our mirror cabinet collection. As a result, your bathroom will be a more relaxing place and it will certainly boost your mood.

Something For Everyone

When we say there’s something for everyone in our mirror cabinets collection, we mean it! If you’re looking for a full length sliding door mirror cabinet, a smaller wall hung model or even an infinity mirror cupboard - you’re in luck! At Platinum Taps & Bathrooms we’re incredibly proud of our mirror cabinets range. Worried your bathroom is too small for a mirror? Our Liberty Stainless Steel Double Door Corner Mirror could do the trick nicely as it takes up minimal space but offers all the advantages of a bigger mirror.

Free Guarantee For all Products

From LED mirrors to shower baskets all our bathroom accessories come with a free five or ten year guarantee, so you can be assured your products will last for years to come. We also offer free delivery on orders over £500 - making your bathroom remodeling project easier and more affordable than ever before.