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    600x600mm Mosaic Mirror
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  2. 650x900mm Bevel Mirror
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  3. 500x700mm Bevel Mirror
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Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom isn’t quite a bathroom without a mirror taking pride of place over the sink. Our beautifully functional mirrors collection invites you to choose the perfect item to finally complete your bathroom’s look. We also stock some fabulous mirror cabinets and LED mirrors should you require extra features such as storage space and light.

Increase Space

Mirrors can encourage the perception of more space - especially if it’s placed opposite a window or other light source. They’re especially great for narrower bathrooms or even en suites and cloakroom bathrooms with no windows - because they do a great job of reflecting the light from artificial sources too.

Encourage More Light

We know it’s rarely ever sunny for long periods of time in the UK, but there’s no harm in investing in a mirror to encourage more light flow in your bathroom. The mirror reflects natural sunlight in the daytime, as well as artificial light from the ceiling and, of course, candles for an extra tranquil feeling.

A Gorgeous Statement Piece

Not only is our mirrors collection super practical and functional, they each make a great statement piece or even a focal point in your bathroom. If you like displaying your perfume or aftershave bottles, cosmetics and other toiletries then you’ll love the Hatton Mirror and Shelf combo. If you need a mirror for make up or shaving then the Omeda Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror could do the trick nicely.

Free Guarantee On All Products

Everything you see in the Platinum Taps & Bathrooms product catalogue, be it mirror cabinets or led mirrors comes with a free five or ten year guarantee to show just how proud we are of the quality of our products. Orders over £500 also come with free delivery - saving you time and money on your bathroom renovation project.