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Shaver Sockets

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Shaver Sockets

Shaving is something most of us do on an almost daily basis - you may need to look clean cut for your job, you might need to tidy up your beard or moustache, or maybe you just like the cleanly shaven look. Whatever your preferences putting shaver sockets in a bathroom can makes everyday life that much easier. Luckily, we stock the highest quality shaver sockets for electric shavers. Our bathroom accessories collection also consists of mirrors shower baskets, mirror cabinets, LED mirrors and much more.

Compatible and Discreet

We know shaver sockets aren’t exactly the focal point of your bathroom, that’s why we also offer shaver sockets hidden discreetly in our cabinets. Our 230 volt shaver sockets are manufactured by some of the UK’s best electrical brands so you’re guaranteed high quality every time. The white moulded accessory is designed to look sleek and stylish so it won’t interfere with the aesthetic of your bathroom. All you have to do is connect your shaver and you’re ready to rock and roll. What’s more, the cabinets housing the socket will also give you plenty of space to store shaving accessories such as cream, foam, razors, brush and much more.

Free guarantee For All Purchases

Whether you’re looking to purchase mirrors or mirror cabinets we provide a free five or ten year guarantee with every product. This means you can be assured whatever you buy stands for high quality and expert craftsmanship, so you can use it for years down the line. If you’re having trouble choosing between our bathroom accessories, or any of our products for that matter, simply get in touch with our customer service team who are highly trained in all things bathroom. Orders over £500 also receive free UK delivery, so now you can kit out your bathroom stress-free without breaking the bank.