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Basin Vanity Units

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Basin Vanity Units

Extra storage space is always sought after in bathrooms - especially those of a more compact size. Toiletries, medicines and cosmetics take up more space than we think and it’s essential to make sure they’re stored safely and neatly away. If you have children then safety is even more vital and our basin vanity units can help, as they all combine a storage cupboard with a sink, saving you a lot of space and ensuring any medication is out of sight from the children. So there’s no need to waste the space under your sink any more when you could get one with ready made storage space underneath!

Variety For All Bathrooms

We know that bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, that’s why we stock basin vanity units in a range of widths and lengths. That means they’re not just for master bathrooms, but also suitable for ensuites and cloakrooms too. You can also choose from a variety of wall hung basin vanity units saving you even more space- and they look fantastic too. We also offer a range of different storage solutions too including drawers for lotions and potions, as well as sinks with cupboards for bigger items such as nappies and toilet rolls. What’s more, our basin vanity units don't compromise on style - so they're just as trendy as the contemporary marble basins and granite basins!

Our Customer Guarantee For All Products

All of our basin vanity units come with a free five or ten year guarantee -that includes marble basins and granite basins. We stand for quality and expert craftsmanship, which can be seen in all of our products as we hand-select the finest collections available on the market today. If that’s not enough, then orders over £500 will receive free shipping - so you can upgrade your bathroom without breaking your budget.