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Cloakroom Basins

One of the most compact forms of bathroom sink are our cloakroom basins. They’re attached right onto the wall and, more often than not, don’t feature a pedestal. The pipes are barely visible because the plumbing is fairly minimal. This helps you create a neat, minimalistic and homely appearance in your bathroom. You don’t have to necessarily put cloakroom basins in your cloakroom / downstairs loo - they can just are just as easily installed in master bathrooms and ensuites. Cloakroom basins are very well suited to smaller homes but they’re just as durable as counter top basins and double basins!


Cloakroom basins are the most space-efficient sinks of their kind. The basin and taps themselves are smaller than a regular sink, saving you so much room while retaining an air of luxury. And because there’s no pedestal, there’s even more room to move - you can even place a lovely set of storage shelves or even a small cupboard underneath.

Eye-Catching Design

Just because they’re smaller, it doesn’t make cloakroom basins are any less stylish. Choose from retro style 1950s sinks such as the Premier Asselby basin or even hark back to the Victorian era with the classy Old London Richmond model with matching bidet. If you’re into something more contemporary than the super cool Maria cloakroom basins will add a new wave artistic touch to your home. Whatever your interior design preferences are, you’re sure to find the ideal product for your tastes at Platinum Taps & Bathrooms.

Our Guarantee Just For You

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom wares we stand for quality and top workmanship. From counter top basins to double basins you can count on us to provide immaculate products at agreeable prices. All products also come with a five or ten year guarantee - that’s how dedicated we are to quality and that’s how confident we are that our products will last for years to come. What’s more, we also offer free delivery on orders over £500 - so you can upgrade your bathroom or cloakroom without breaking your budget. If you can’t choose between our products then our friendly customer service team are always happy to help.