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Counter top sinks do exactly what you think - they sit above a counter as opposed to being wall mounted or on a pedestal. They’re essentially beautiful bowls with taps attached to them - making them a firm favourite with many of our customers. They’ve also become very popular in the world of hotels, bars and restaurants thanks to their hip design and unrivaled durability.

Versatile and Practical Design

Traditionally, counter top sink units were in common use throughout the Georgian era right through to the 1940s as they’re similar to the classic wash bowls of the time. They’re a fantastic choice for vintage or retro lovers - or even those just looking for that something special for their bathroom. They may look gorgeous, but don’t let that fool you in terms of plumbing. Basically, counter top basins look traditional but they have the advantage of modern plumbing. But counter top basins aren’t just available as vintage designs - we also stock a fabulous range of marble and stone models - perfect for achieving the minimalist look and offering a sense of zen to your home. Counter top sink units are available in various practical shapes, like round, oval and square, adding to the beauty and functionality of the bathroom.

Spacious Luxury

Counter top sinks are generously sized, but can still fit in most bathroom sizes. The basin itself has high sides so you don’t have to deal with water splashing everywhere. They’re situated on top of an attractive counter so they’re at a very convenient height for everyone - including smaller children in your family. Other family-friendly sinks include out double basins and basin vanity units, designed to be efficient, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. They’re actually a great match with our mixer taps collection, giving the impression of an even more spacious basin and, as a result, a spacious bathroom!

Our Promise To Our Customers

Double basins, basin vanity units marble basins, counter top basins - you name it, all our products come with a five or ten year guarantee absolutely free of charge. We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy our products for years to come, thanks to the high quality craftsmanship and use of the finest materials. Orders over £500 are eligible for free shipping too!