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Double Basins

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Double Basins

Life can be busy - that’s why it’s vital to ensure we have the very best kitchen sets in our home to make day to day life easier. Our double basins, much like basin vanity units are perfect for taking some of the strain off life as they can save considerable time and effort when it comes to working in the kitchen. We believe it’s essential that your kitchen is designed in the best possible way that fits your household’s everyday needs. We all love it when things go smoothly in our day and double basins can make life that little bit simpler.

Super Practical and Uber Stylish

Imagine this - you’re cooking a tasty meal for your family and you can save so much time because double basins allow you to prep your ingredients in one sink, while washing up the cooking utensils as you go in the second sink. This means there will be minimal fighting over the washing up because most of it will have been done before the meal is served! Double basins gives you more time to spend with your family and peace of mind that your kitchen is nice and clean. Or if you fancy some company in the kitchen, you can carry on with the food prep and you can appoint a family member to wash up in the sink next to you.

Free Guarantee For All Customers

Basin vanity units, kitchen sets and double basins all come with a free five or ten year guarantee - that’s how confident we are of our high quality products. We only select bathroom furniture, sink and taps that have been made from the very best materials using the highest quality craftsmanship techniques. Orders over £500 will receive free shipping too - which is even more of a reason to shop with us.