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Freestanding Bath Suites

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Freestanding Bath Suites

Freestanding bath suites, no matter what your interior design preferences, can make a majestic statement in any bathroom. We stock freestanding bath suites of all styles from the classic vintage look to the trendy super modern look. It’s also worth taking a look at our other ranges such as our toilet basin sets and vanity units so you can create the perfect bathroom where everything complements each other beautifully.

Not Just For Bigger Bathrooms

Contrary to popular belief, freestanding bath suites are suitable for all kinds of bathrooms in all shapes and sizes. Of course, they’re fantastic for bigger bathrooms as they contribute a sense of luxury and elegance. But we stock slightly smaller sizes for more compact bathrooms - so you can still make that striking statement with freestanding bath suites without compromising on space. Our single-ended freestanding baths feature one clean cut edge so the bath can be situated neatly against a wall. This means you can install them in a smaller bathroom without the need for loads of space.

Immersive Experience

Our freestanding bath suites allow you an immersive and truly relaxing experience. Typically, a freestanding bath is particularly deep so you can fill it right to the top and spend an hour or two soaking in a tranquil bubble bath with your favourite book. One of our bestsellers is the Old London Ascott Art Deco Single Ended Traditional Bath which can be used in conjunction with the Old London bath screens range if you fancy transforming it into a shower bath.

Free Guarantee For Everyone

All products including toilet basin sets and vanity units will receive a free five or ten year guarantee. This shows our customers we care about the quality of our bathroom fittings and we’re committed to providing only the very best every time. Customers also receive free UK delivery on all orders over £500.