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Shower bath Suites

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Shower Bath Suites

Space-saving, economical, aesthetically pleasing - these are just a few of the benefits of opting for shower bath suites. Even though straight bath suites and shower enclosure suites have their separate advantages, shower bath suites are a fantastic choice for families or those who simply cannot decide between a shower and a bath. Take a look through our entire collection today at Platinum Taps & Bathrooms.

Utilise Your Space

Of course, we realise not everyone has the space for a luxury freestanding bathtub and separate shower enclosure. That’s why our shower bath suites bring you the best of both worlds. You may want a quick energising shower in the mornings before work but sometimes you may just want to indulge in a long, hot soak in the evenings or o a Sunday afternoon. With shower bath suites you can do both without compromising on space - which is especially handy if you have a smaller bathroom.

Shapes For All Needs

When people think of shower bath suites they immediately think of the classic straight bath with a removable shower head at the end. Although the straight shower baths are fantastic for couples and those who live alone, we also stock L shaped and P shaped shower baths for bigger households or those who appreciate more room. The shower section of the shower bath is wider than the other end of the bath, so you’ll have your very own shower section with lots of space to wash. If you have a bath in an L shaped or P shaped model then you’ll have a lot more room to spread out - it’s a win win situation whether you take a bath or shower.

Free Guarantee For All Customers

Everything we stock, including straight bath suites and shower enclosure suites comes with a free five or ten year guarantee. This is because we’re committed to offering quality products at affordable prices and we’re very proud of it! If your order is over £500 you’ll receive free UK delivery too.