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Luxuriously Comfy Baths

There’s something special about treating yourself to a bath after a long day. It really contributes a lot to your well being - there’s even been a few studies published about the benefits of a good soak. So get rid of your stresses and indulge in a spot of daydreaming with our luxuriously comfy bath collection.

The Perfect Fit

We find our customers tend to be pretty diverse when it comes to their bath buying journey. That’s why you’re sure to find a bath that fits your particular space - including ensuites, bigger bathrooms and even compact bathrooms. The depth of the bath is just as important as the width - so we offer deep, shallow and the ‘somewhere in-between’ depths.

Clever Design

The thing about our bath collection is the sheer range. Whether you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom or you just fancy an upgrade, we stock . This includes contemporary freestanding baths vintage traditional roll top baths, shower bath combos, straight and slipper versions. We highly recommend our contemporary baths if your style is hip and fresh, whereas the roll tops are perfect for vintage lovers. You can also personalise your new bath with something from our tap range. Every bath is created using white twin-skinned acrylics and are compatible with many of our bath panels, available in a rainbow of colours and patterns .

Our 10 Year Guarantee

It doesn’t matter what you choose - from contemporary freestanding baths to traditional roll top baths at Platinum Taps & Bathrooms we offer a free 5 or 10 year guarantee to all our customers. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we think you’ll be using them without problems for years to come. Can’t make your mind up? Our customer service are on hand to help you if you can’t make a decision on your new bath right away.