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P-Shaped Baths

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P-Shaped Baths

Much like the amazing L-Shaped baths our gorgeous P-shaped baths collection are a popular choice with our customers - and for many good reasons! Our P-shaped baths collection is available in a variety of sizes and styles - so you’re sure to find something that perfectly matches your interior design style.

Ergonomic Design, Elegant Style

Sleek in design, ergonomic by nature, our P-shaped baths offer that simple yet elegant touch to your bathroom. These baths, unlike L-shaped baths, feature a curved edge at the shower end, bringing a luxurious sense to your space. Our collection includes various sizes with or without rounded bath screens with an anti-splash feature, so you can take a water-tight shower any time!

A firm Favourite

Do you know why our P-shaped baths range is a big winner with customers? Not only do these baths suit bathrooms of all sizes, they offer so much space when you’re indulging in a relaxing soak. You’ll feel like a VIP in the very best five star hotel in one of our P-shaped baths, because the curved edge opens out at the shower end to bring you much more legroom compared to standard baths. And when it comes to having a quick refreshing shower, you’ll have more room to stand.

Our Promise to all Customers

Whether you’ve opted for one of our sturdy bath screens or a full bathroom suite, you get a 5 or 10 year guarantee for all your Platinum Taps & Bathroom orders absolutely free of charge. What’s more, you’ll get free shipping with orders over £500 - so that’s even more reason to shop with us. Good customer service is at the heart of what we do - so if you can’t decide or you’d like to swap your bath for another model then our specialists will help you every step of the way.