Anthracite Radiators

A Brief Guide — Facts about Anthracite Radiators

In today’s market, there are many different stylish anthracite radiators for you to choose from. These units have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and people have shifted from the traditional black or white radiators to newer designs such as the anthracite column radiator.

Anthracite Means?

In simple terms, anthracite refers to a hard variety of coal known to be made up of relatively pure carbon. It normally burns with very small flames and dark-grey coloured smoke.

Anthracite radiators refer to the dark grey radiators which are at the moment in various showrooms and it is their finish that consists of anthracite. The other material is normally either steel or aluminium.

What Makes Anthracite Radiators More Appealing to Designers

Of late there has been an undeniable rise in the popularity of anthracite radiators. It now oscillates at the midpoint between the white and black radiators. The most attractive feature they have is that they are sleek and clean. They are quite affordable since they are available in all budgets. The various designs of anthracite radiators available are outlined below:

Flat Panel

It is the simplest flat panel design and it the most space-efficient making it a perfect choice for integration into many types of interior layouts. There is a vertical type that can take up tall spaces available within the hallway or kitchen and there is also a horizontal type that can fit in any type of interior without attracting a lot of attention.

Double Panel

The double panel type of anthracite radiator consists of two layers of heating panels that aid in achieving the same or otherwise greater levels of heat while utilising lower energy levels. They are the best especially for large rooms since they have an increased speed and heat output therefore easily meet the required heat levels.

Oval Anthracite Radiators

Various changes have occurred throughout history and we now have different shapes and sizes of anthracite radiators. In this case, the radiator’s piping is oval in shape. There is no difference in its efficiency levels compared to others but it is quite stylish and impressive.

Column Anthracite Radiators

A lot of advances have been made and there are now column anthracite radiators after the invention of the oval designs. It looks far much cooler in their appearance compared to the other available designs. They are available in two types i.e. vertical and horizontal column anthracite radiators.

Anthracite Towel Radiators

This is designed specifically for the bathroom and aids in keeping the wet towels dry up in style. It resembles the common and compatible traditional radiator only that the anthracite component adds some special touch. There is also the curved form which has now gained popularity in the market for its maximised drying speed and efficiency.

Additional Information

There are much more designs of anthracite radiators in the market today and you should not hesitate to have a thorough search in order to get the best model that meets your purpose and taste. The anthracite column radiator is now attracting everyone from all over the world due to their aesthetic appeal compared to the traditional types.

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