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Contemporary Towel Radiators

Not a lot of people consider a towel rack to be a defining feature of a bathroom - but it certainly can be if you do it right. Our contemporary towel radiators collection includes the pinnacle of modern state-of-the-art design. We do also stock traditional towel radiators and classic white radiators, but for those who love postmodern and abstract interior design will truly appreciate our contemporary towel radiators!

Suitable For All Fuels

Our contemporary towel radiators are suitable for most fuel types - such as plumbed or dual fuel. Plumbed radiators tend to be a great choice because it makes use of the pipework that’s already in your bathroom. It work in conjunction with your central heating so when you turn the heating on, your towel rail will automatically heat up too. But dual fuel on the other hand can use both plumbed and electric heating - so you can heat your towel rack without turning on the heating for the entire house. Electric contemporary towel radiators are great if you don’t want to tamper with your existing plumbing in your bathroom.

The Very Best Design

All contemporary towel radiators are chrome plated and made from low carbon steel with a high quality finish. They’re tested to meet BS EN 442 standards, so you can be assured you’re choosing the very best! Our radiator kits include the actual radiator, adjustable wall brackets, blanking plug and air vent plug.

Our Promise To You

All products from traditional towel radiators to white radiators are eligible for a free five or ten year guarantee. This is how dedicated we are to ensuring you receive great products that last for years. Our customer service team are also on hand to give you any guidance on the best products for your bathroom renovation project. We also offer free UK delivery for orders over £500.