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Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails add that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom without you having to spend a fortune! We stock a range of different styles and designs when it comes to heated towel rails including models you can hang a tad higher on the wall to save space, vertical racks, long horizontal racks and a mixture of different colours from chrome to anthracite heated towel rails.

Dry and Warm

Of course, it’s lovely to step out of the bath or shower and wrap a fluffy warm towel around yourself. But heating towel rails are actually used to keep towels dry, so they’re super hygienic! The warming effect is just an amazing bonus. If a towel doesn’t dry properly it can attract germs, mould and even fungi. This is even more common in Britain where our weather tends to be wet and cold on a regular basis because towels don’t get to dry properly. But if you invest in heated towel rails and you’ve solved that problem.

Our Safety Policy

Just like our anthracite towel radiators and stainless towel radiators, all heated towel rails are rigorously tested to BS EN 442 standards and made by an ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer. We offer the radiators as kits which includes the radiator, adjustable wall brackets and anti-freeze inhibitor fluid. A heating element is available for each radiator too - so we really do offer everything in one neat package.

Our Free Guarantee For Everyone

From anthracite towel radiators to stainless towel radiators all Platinum Taps & Bathrooms products include a free five or ten year guarantee. Customer service is the heart of our business, along with high quality products. If you can’t decide between our products then our team are always happy to help you achieve the exact bathroom design and look of your dream space. Get free delivery on all orders over £500.