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Stainless Towel Radiators

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Stainless Towel Radiators

Stainless towel radiators add some glorious sparkle to your bathroom without breaking your bathroom makeover budget! Much like our towel radiators and electric radiators our stainless towel radiators collection is the very best in bathroom engineering. We ensure all radiators are approved by all necessary official bodies and put through rigorous testing before they’re sent on to you, the customer.

Better Hygiene

A lot of people overlook towel hygiene as an aspect of stainless towel radiators. It’s correct that radiators can warm up your towel ready for when you finish your bath or shower, but they also dry out the towel so it doesn’t contract any nasty germs and bacteria or mould and fungus. The UK tends to be a bit cold and wet all year around, and this doesn’t do the towels any favours in your bathroom! That’s why we recommend investing in one of our stainless towel radiators to put a stop to smelly towels.

Safety is Key

All of our stainless towel radiators are tested to all BS EN 442 standards and provided by ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer. We sell all our radiators as a kit which includes the radiator itself, adjustable wall brackets and anti-freeze inhibitor fluid. All radiators can be used in conjunction with a heating element, so you can switch between electric and plumbing fuel types.

Free Customer Guarantee

Whether you’re thinking about buying white towel radiators or electric radiators, all products come with a free five or ten year guarantee, so you can be reassured that we’re offering you the most durable products on the market. Our customer service team are available to help you if you need to make a decision on our products or if you just want to know the benefits of a certain product for your bathroom. We also offer free delivery on orders over £500 - even more of a reason to choose Platinum Taps & Bathrooms.