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Vertical radiators are a popular choice with a diverse range of our customers. This is because they suit so many different interior design schemes. We stock flatboard models and contemporary towel radiators all the way up to heated towel racks and horizontal and vertical radiators - so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your bathroom. We all know one of the main reasons for investing in vertical radiators for your bathroom ‘boils’ down to one thing - heat. No matter whether you need to heat a small ensuite or a large family bathroom - our vertical radiator collection is sure to stock something you love.

Versatile Design

When people think of vertical radiators, they usually immediately think of minimalist, modern styles. That’s a very fair thing to say because we do actually stock a range of contemporary vertical radiators but we also offer a beautiful collection of vintage style and classic models. For example, our Anthracite Single Flat Panel is a wonderful choice for modern bathrooms, whereas the White Double Panel Vertical Colosseum Radiator adds a retro feel to your bathroom.We even stock the Mirrored Anthracite Double Oval Panel Radiator so you don’t even have to invest in a bathroom mirror! Vertical radiators also have the added advantage of spreading heat across a whole room from top to bottom, as they’re less likely to be obstructed.

Our Promise To You

From horizontal radiators to contemporary towel radiators, all vertical radiators come with a five or ten year guarantee. We’re confident you’ll be enjoying our radiators for years to come thanks to the unrivaled craftsmanship, along with the highest quality materials used in production. Our customer service team are always on hand to help should you need assistance choosing the perfect vertical radiators for your bathroom renovation project. All orders over £449 are eligible for free UK delivery.