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Shower Enclosures

From quadrant enclosures to offset quadrant enclosures it’s all here in our shower enclosures section. We have a shower enclosure to fit all kinds of bathroom shapes and sizes - from compact corner showers in ensuites to large shower baths in generously sized bathrooms. It’s also worth checking out our radiators if you’re planning on remodeling your entire bathroom.

Gorgeous Design, Beautiful Style

The chances of you finding the perfect shower enclosure are very high indeed thanks to our extensive collection of shower enclosures in everything from rectangular to rounded corner models. We’re proud to stock the very pinnacle of shower enclosures design here at Platinum Taps & Bathrooms, from high-tech futuristic spa showers to the more classic square shapes suitable for smaller spaces.

For all Sorts of Needs

We stock all types of shower enclosure including a recessed version where you can situate it in the wall for a fantastic minimalist look, a space-saving quadrant model for a luxury look, smart corner shower enclosures and even a Scandinavian style walk-in enclosure - especially handy for less able bodied people and children. We also have a range of doors to choose from including pivot shower door, the popular sliding shower door and the super modern bifold shower door.

Our customer guarantee

We give all our customers a free five or ten year guarantee for all our products from quadrant enclosures to offset quadrant enclosures If you can’t decide what to buy from our shower enclosures section then our team are always happy to guide you through the decision making process. They’ll take into account the size of your bathrooms, your personal style preferences, your everyday needs and the size of your household and family. If your order is over £500 we will include free UK delivery for all your items!