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Offset Quadrant Enclosures

Are you looking for an extra special something to go with the rest of your bathroom? Or are you thinking of getting rid of your bath altogether and investing in one big luxury shower? Either way, our offset quadrant enclosures could be the perfect solution for you. Offset quadrant enclosures are generally a bit bigger than their non-offset cousins - meaning they could be the ideal focal point for your bathroom.

Gorgeous design

Offset quadrant enclosures tend to be good looking and full of charm - adding a personal touch to your bathroom. You still get the striking curved doors as you would with a non-offset shower but there’s more width, thus more space to move when you’re taking a refreshing shower. Essentially offset quadrant enclosures are a stretched version of a non-offset, making them a firm favourite with families with younger children and also couples - or just people who appreciate a lot of space in the shower! All our showers are crafted from safety glass, fully waterproof tested polished aluminium and doors featuring a cushioned magnetic seal strip.

Everything you need in one package

We stock a range of different sizes in our offset quadrant enclosures collection so there really is something for every bathroom. Each shower comes with glass doors, fixings, rollers and the shower glass itself. We also stock a range of doors including sliding door enclosures, hinged door enclosures and bi-fold. The showers are fairly safe and easy to install too - so you’ll be enjoying your shower in no time,

Free delivery and guarantee

Our promise to all customers, whether they’re purchasing sliding door enclosures or hinged door enclosures, means everyone receives a free five or ten year guarantee. We’re confident our products will stand the test of time because we only use the very best craftsman, manufacturing techniques and suppliers. Orders over £500 are eligible for free UK delivery. You’ll also get full access to our incredible customer service team who are always on hand to help you make the right decisions for your bathroom renovation.