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Shower Suites

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Shower Suites

Are you thinking of going for a shower-only bathroom? Or maybe you want a separate shower and a bath? Whatever your intention for your new bathroom design, our shower suites could do the job. Whether your old suite is getting a bit too grubby and worn or you just fancy an interior design overhaul, we stock some incredible shower suites

Perfect For Busy Llives

If you find there’s never enough hours in the day for work, rest and play then shower suites could be the perfect solution. So now you have time to fit in your career, family time, friends and household chores while remaining squeaky clean. With hectic lives comes a lot less time for soaking in the bath - so why not get rid of it altogether and go for a complete redesign with a shower suite or one of our shower enclosure suites

A Slice Of Luxury

Shower suites actually add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, as they’re reminiscent of five star hotel shower suites. This will surely impress your guests, especially if they’re staying overnight and get to use the shower. The beauty of a shower is that even the bigger cubicles are smaller than a bath so you save so much space in your bathroom.

Save Money On Bills

That’s right - a shower suite can save you a lot of money on household utility bills such as gas to heat the water, electric and, most significantly, water bills. It also helps that you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet too.

Our Promise To You

No matter whether you’re thinking of buying shower enclosure suites or just a basin, you’ll get a five or ten year guarantee with each product. We stand for quality and style, so we’re confident your new bathroom products will last for years. We also offer free delivery on all order over £500 - so kitting out your bathroom has never been easier or more affordable. All orders over £500 come with free UK delivery.