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Wet Room Enclosures

Commonplace in homes and hotels across the Mediterranean, wet room enclosures can be an absolutely incredible focal point in your bathroom. Similar to our frameless enclosures, wet room enclosures really add a minimalist, fresh vibe to your space. We also stock a range of mirrored enclosures for that extra touch of luxury.

Super cool

Not only are wet room enclosures very in vogue, they’ve always been the talk of the town! They’re a simple and incredibly accessible shower - which is useful for those with mobility issues and also smaller children who don’t really like to step up into a shower! All you have to do is step into the shower area, much like in a swimming baths or a gym except you have a protective safety glass shield, and start your refreshing and invigorating shower!

Bathrooms of all sizes

Wet room enclosures are suitable for small bathrooms, large bathrooms and everything in between. This means they’re suitable for ensuites and main bathrooms - which is helpful if you have both.

Easy to maintain

Wet room enclosures and the showers themselves are very easy to clean thanks to their accessibility. It’s usually a simple case of a quick brush with a broom and then a lick with the mop! Wet rooms are actually some of the most hygienic bathrooms around because all the moisture is contained then eradicated through the air vents, so the moisture won't seep into other areas of the house and cause damp and mould.

Our customer promise

Whether you’re got your eye on one of our fab frameless enclosures or you want to browse through our mirrored enclosures, you’re eligible for a five or ten year guarantee on any of our products. We take pride in offering high quality bathroom products at affordable prices and we like to demonstrate this to our customers. Furthermore, customers placing order over £500 will receive free delivery. We also run an excellent customer service team who are here to help you through every step of your buying journey.