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Shower Pumps

Fed up of low water pressure in your home? You don’t have to suffer any more with the Platinum Taps & Bathrooms shower pumps collection. Designed to improve the rate of your water flow, shower pumps are installed to your water system. Despite their namesake, a shower pump can actually improve waterflow all over the house, so that includes ensuites, cloakroom bathrooms and kitchen sinks. So now it’s time to enjoy an invigorating and refreshing shower, as opposed to a small trickle of water!

Genius Engineering

Not only do we stock a comprehensive range of electric showers and bar mixer shower kits, we offer an extensive shower pumps collection. Our superior shower pumps are suitable for a range of requirements from shower-only pumps to pumping your shower, bath and basin taps. Our competitive prices doesn’t mean we compromise on quality - each shower pump is expertly crafted by specialists using the finest materials. Our twin pumps are perfect for houses in both urban and suburban areas where the water usage is very high and the water pressure is an average of 4.0 to 5.0 bar. The twin pumps balance the cold water supply to the shower so you always retain the optimum temperature while the flow stays strong.

Our Promise to All Customers

As well as shower pumps, every product from electric showers to bar mixer shower kits includes a free 5 or 10 year guarantee. This proves we are dedicated to offering fantastic products at affordable prices and great customer service to boot. If you’re not sure which shower jets to choose then Our team will also help you in choosing the very best products for your bathroom - making it easier and hassle-free for you. Orders over £500 also get free delivery - just another reason to shop at Platinum Taps & Bathrooms.