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Shower Rail Kits

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Shower Rail Kits

Shower rail kits are incredibly useful for changing the height of a shower head with ease. They’re fantastic if you’re a family with children as the taller people don’t have to duck under the flow and the children can adjust the shower head to the most comfortable height. Our shower rail kit range includes a slider rail that runs straight up the wall and has two stoppers at the ends. They also include the shower head itself, along with a connecting hose to help you adjust the height.

Maximum Comfort

A shower rail kit means you’re investing in maximum comfort when you take a shower. Going for the rail option means you have a lot more choice when it comes to shower innovation. This includes showers with LED lights, spa massage models and much more - perfect if you want to indulge in a little bit of luxury.


Our collection includes so many multifunctional products. Several of the shower heads include numerous spray settings such as soak, massage, jet and rain. Unlike exposed shower kits, the water pipe in each rail kit is hidden in the wall - but if you prefer the exposed variety then this is good too because the height adjustment slider pole gives the illusion of an exposed shower. But if you want a concealed shower then it’s a good idea to get an outlet elbow.

Our Customer Guarantee For Everyone

All products including shower heads, exposed shower kits and concealed shower kits come with a free 5 or 10 year guarantee. This is our promise to customers that the products are sure to last for years to come and act as a great fixture in the home. What’s more, our customer service team are always ready to help you choose the perfect product for your bathroom. If your order is over £500 then you’ll get free UK delivery.