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Thermostatic Valves

A hot shower is one of life’s simple but amazing things - so what exactly is a thermostatic valve shower? It’s a vital part of the system that makes sure you have a nice steady stream of hot water, as opposed to blasts of scalding water. It maintains the water temperature for the whole time you’re showering, so if someone flushes the loo or turns on a tap, then the temperature still remains the same!

Safe and Convenient Engineering

Thermostatic valves are clever little things - they mix the cold and hot water to your pre-selected desired temperature and adapt to any factors such as water pressure and any adjustments you make to temperature yourself. If the cold water supply happens to fail in your home, then the valve will switch itself off so you’ll never scald yourself, making this a popular choice with families with young children.

Economical Energy Saving Features

Combined with our shower accessories and shower enclosures, our thermostatic valves are designed to save you money on your utilities including gas, electric and, of course water. If you want to save even more water by switching off the shower when you’re shampooing your hair, then you can switch the shower back on and the temperature will automatically be the exact same temperature without any shocking cold water starts!

Our Customer Guarantee

From shower accessories to shower enclosures - all products come with a free five or ten year guarantee, so you know our showers represent amazing quality and truly stand the test of time. Our customer service specialists are always happy to help you if you can't make a decision. No matter what your interior design tastes are, you’re sure to find the perfect product which will add personality and functionality to your bathroom. Orders over £500 will receive free UK delivery!