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Wall Hung Toilets

Popular with people who want a ‘bathroom of the future,’ our wall hung toilets contribute to an edgy, space-age feel in your bathroom - perfect for lovers of contemporary design. The space-saving nature of these toilets is a best-selling choice for people with smaller bathrooms - especially ensuites.

Stunning Design

We know toilet design is usually an afterthought for most bathrooms - but it shouldn’t be. Fortunately, we stock wall hung toilets in a variety of geometric styles from the rectangular Premier Cambria model to the softer style Hudson Reed collection. All wall hung toilets are crafted from top quality white vitreous china gloss, giving your bathroom a modern gleam. All models come fitted with a soft-close lid and a top mounted fitting so you can easily change the seat if the mood takes you.

Variety Of Additional Features

We also offer a variety of additional features such as toilet seats in various colours and finishes, as well as bidets and back to wall units. It’s just a question of what you’re looking for and what sort of style you’re after - we stock all sorts of high quality bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Dual Flush To Save The World

Our wall hung toilets all feature a dual flush mechanism - so you can choose between 3 litres and 6 litres depending on how much pressure you put on the flush itself. Not only will you be doing your bit for the planet, but you’ll also save a lot on your water bill. So technically our wall hung toilets pay for themselves in a matter of a couple of years!

Our Exclusive Guarantee

All Platinum Bathrooms & Taps products come with a five or ten year guarantee. We like to show our commitment to quality and that’s why we provide this guarantee absolutely free of charge. We’re confident you’ll be using our products for years to come with no problems at all! So whether you’re browsing our bidets range or thinking about upgrading your toilet seats - all of our items come with a free guarantee.